Beta Switch Food List: The New 14-day Detox Plan

Beta Switch's Food List: Detox diet - lose weight, feel lighter, feel better - this goes with the healthy detox treatment, which was specially developed by girlfriend. It convinces with simple recipes even diet muffle, and you do not remain hungry.

A tired complexion, well over 2 kilos above the weight and overall not as fit as we would like it ... These are all clear signs that our body is calling for relief. Detox is the magic formula: The detoxification organs liver, gall, kidney, intestine, skin, lymph system and lungs are cleaned, maintained and relieved. Detox means house pets for the body, the metabolism comes back into momentum, and at the same time sinks blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose. We are relieved by a few pounds, the connective tissue and the contours look firmer, the skin fresher. Schirin Kunzendorf, ecotrophologist and chief food editor of the girlfriend, has developed the new 14-day detox plan quite specifically for this time of the year.

Beta Switch Food List

The best way to print it out is to take it to the refrigerator - so you have your shopping list, recipes, and detox tips always in view and easy to handle.

The basis for this detoxification treatment is the avoidance of acidic and highly processed foodstuffs, which are particularly detrimental to our ingenious detoxification system. For example, coffee, alcohol, sweetened drinks and most animal products such as yogurt, milk, meat, and sausage. They form acids in the body which are neutralized by bases (which are mainly found in fruits and vegetables). Body buffering systems usually protect the organism from over-acidification. An unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, stress, sleep deficit, and emotional stress can disrupt the natural balance of the acid-base balance (see the full page about this diet - The beta switch). That is why the Detox Plan offers mainly basic foods to relieve the body and to allow the detoxification organs a breather - with round-the-clock for body and soul.

Two Weeks fast without Starving

Because you eat regularly during the detox-cure, the metabolic work of the body continues as usual. He does not go into the so-called fast mode, which switches the body to a savings program and lets its calorie requirements go down far. As a result, it often happens that the lost ballast returns to the hips and belly when the diet is normal. On the other hand, acid-base fasting still has the advantage that metabolism and digestion are gentle, so that it is rare to get fasting crises, and can also hold the diet which does not get a reduction in the diet. And: If the body is in a slightly basic environment, it is easier for it to break down fat.

14 days for health and quality of life

A weekend is particularly good to get into the 14-day detox. During the first two days the body is gently adjusted to the cleaning. There is mainly soup and juice. You should calmly approach these days and have a lot of rest. With a pampering bath, an oil massage, an extensive walk and hugging hours on the couch. The following detox week can be integrated perfectly into everyday life, because you can prepare the lunch well and take it to work. Three meals and two snacks are allowed, and if the stomach is still snarling, you can eat from our detox stars. The saturate without straining the calorie account. In the last week, the metabolism is then again gradually accustomed to normal diet - you lose nevertheless still weight and gain quality of life. Very important: drink at least 2 liters per day, preferably medicinal water (eg, needle Holzner), in order to rinse out better. We wish you success and two healthy weeks!

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